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Monday, July 7, 2014
Moose of the Year Award
Congratulations to Joe Henderson for being awarded the Moose of the year!!!!
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Thursday, July 30, 2015
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Administrator's Message
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Things are progressing satisfactorily. The north wall or wall nearest 8 mile road is done and it is a great job. We have started preparing for a small playground for the younger kids. The poker tournament is over and while it was not the success we were hopping for, it did make a small profit, and next time it should be much more successful as we will have a better understanding of how to promote this function.

During the last hail storm we developed some massive leaks on the newer portion of the building, so it is imperative that we re-roof this area. So far it looks like materials alone are going to cost between 7 and 8 thousand Dollars. Then we will have to come up with enough experienced help to do the project ourselves trying to save as much money as possible.

We cannot thank those volunteers in the kitchen enough that make our dinners and breakfasts a success! We are the envy of our district when it comes to food.

I would encourage each member to bring at least one friend to our lodge for a dinner or a breakfast which will help us in recruiting of new members.

For those of us that feel our lodge is not heading in the right direction, please take a few moments to contemplate and decide what you feel is wrong then address a letter to the board of directors.


Ted Jacobson

Turkey Lips
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