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Monday, July 7, 2014
Moose of the Year Award
Congratulations to Joe Henderson for being awarded the Moose of the year!!!!
Administrator's Message
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Do to concerns of some of our members, here is a report on the parking lot.
When we asked for donations for the parking lot between the men and the women there were around 720 members. These members donated a total of 7,810.00 dollars. The projected cost of blacktopping the parking lot was over 40,000.00 dollars. We are now in the process of trying to decide how to use the money to obtain the best possible result
Coming soon you will be receiving a survey on your opinions on your Moose Lodge, and how we can best serve the needs of our members This survey will contain questions about meals, entertainment upkeep, so on and so forth. please fill out and return to lodge, along with your suggestions for improving your lodge.
The best way for anyone to know what is going on with the lodge is for them to attend meetings and express their opinions. Learn what your money is being used for and how expensive it is to keep your lodge open. The meetings are your chance to have your voice herd. It is easy to set at the bar and complain that nobody listens.
The first Sat. in Nov. the women and men are going to hold a chili cook off and game day with corn hole, pool and shuffle board being played. This will also be used as a membership drive with all prospective members eating free and a person who sponsors a new member will have the cost of their dinner returned. This dinner is still in the planning stages and could change slightly.
Coming up we have a fundraiser for the Union Mine Music Dept. the school will no longer fund their expenses which run up to $ 30,000.00 per year, hopefully our members will come out and give them a big boost.
That's all folks
Turkey lips Ted.
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